Menace - C & A lyrics

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There comes a time in life when you have to make your decisions
To mould your future because tomorrow is another day
Well I've been sitting, thinking, and I kinda see it this way
I'd really like to be 'man at C & A'

I'd really like to be
I really wanna be
The position was made for me
I think I've got to be

I don't really care if we're in or out of Europe
And I don't give a toss if inflation is up or down
Just give me my Sky TV
All I want is my Ford Capri
And I'll be happier that way

I think I'll spend my time wearing lairy shorts in Essex
I think I'll spend my days burning holes in the ozone layer
And when my children say, 'What did you do for me Dad?'
I'll say, 'Don't ask me kid, I was man at C & A'

You can find a future if you stroll down to the job club
And you can buy anything as long as you're willing to pay
But I get all I want at my local Sainsbury's supermarket
And the rest are at bargain prices
When I shop down at C & A

So when your time comes and you have to make your decisions
To mould your future, because tomorrow's is another day
Then why not join me at the queue down at the check out
And we could all be men down at C & A
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