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MC Miker G - Celebration Rap

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Yo we're back together Miker G and Sven
with another smash you can understand.
With Deejay Fix always on our side
we're like a big family prepared to fight.

Let's show the world what we can do:
Rappin' rockin' and some cuttin' too.
With small Prince G there's no escape back.
Yo Miker G it's your turn to rap.

Well the time is right, celebrate and sing!
Can you feel it a sensation, come on do your thing.
With the boys you already know and we're in the show
Miker G and Sven and we're ready to go.

Deejay Fix on our side we introduce to you:
The man who can cuttin' and rappin' too.
So if you are ready to go for it you can scream with me.
(No, me)
It doesn't matter cause we're family.

Celebrate good rhymes, come on
It's a celebration
Celebrate good rhymes, come on
A good, good celebration

About one hundred years you can take a look.
You will find our names in the history book.
Miker G and Sven in 1986
And the cut professor named Deejay Fix
Let's rule the world with our fresh, cool rhymes
ike a family in our fresh and good times.
With the prince of rap, call him Miker G.
We're no friends, yo, we are family!

We saw people who were dancing on our new fresh beat
Screaming "We are family, oh, so sweet!"
I told them: "Yeah, that's it, can you do it again?
Scream 'family'! Well thank you friends!

Cause we're back again with Deeiay Fix
A new royal family and in the mix
The sound of the past, call it history
We made it new to celebrate our new family

Celebrate good rhymes, come on
It's a celebration
Celebrate good rhymes, come on
It's a good, good celebration


That was funny, worth the money.
Can you rock with me?
I will rap a little faster
"Go Miker G!"

Like move it, work it out, let jam on it
So freaks are you ready for this, is something understand
Your party will be fresh if you will take this
Yam on freaks, yam, yam on freaks, right
Yam on, freaks, yam, yam, yam, don't bite

Hey Juliet and Romeo!
We're jammin' on the sea. Let's go!
And it's the best of day to begin with you a desert track.

Miker G, the human beatbox. You can call him Rox.
When he's busin' loose he's got the rhythm in the box.
So listen everybody to the sound we make.
We can do it live, no time for fake.

So people in the world are you ready for some action?
Yo spread this rap like a chain reaction.
Listen close and you will agree.
There is no escape.
Yo we're family!

Celebrate good rhymes, come on!
It's a celebration.
Celebrate good rhymes, come on!
It's a good, good celebration.

Behind the woods in the dunes is a castle of gold.
It's the castle of a king who's nineteen years old.
In one tower of the castle is a very tall man:
a sort of Prince call him Sven, Miker G's right hand.
We're family forever doing things you love!
Bang biddely bang aie, we're strong enough.
With another tall boy now he's on the mix.
Deejay Fix make it funky like this!


We are family
We are family
Celebrate good rhymes, come on
It's a celebration
Celebrate good rhymes, come on
It's a good good celebration
We are family
We are family
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