Mauro Pawlowski

Mauro Pawlowski - Godmade Trouble

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I was born a resident
Of the carnal state
By a default program
Run by fate
A condidition I couldn't evade
Since I was made
From constant sinning
Right from the beginning
Born to make a mess out of everything
Rephrased as human nature
Another last minute adjustment
Done by the editor of our maker
It turned out to be my true vocation
To live by the book
Of rock 'n roll damnation
Hell yeah
I am Godmade
God made trouble
I am trouble
So I've reached most of my middle class aims
Come visit my cosy construction
But like any living being 
My middle name spells destruction
Next I fell for your careless seduction
A rare talent you may claim
That pushed me to change myself
Beyond shame
You are Godmade
God made trouble
In hus unsubtle ways
Then let's behave us
Spreading trouble
Common troubles
Let's go dance on the other side
Of everything
You are magic
Real magic
And I'm not an expert in this
But magic is
All is Godmade
All is trouble
It's unbelievable
Even the good things
God made 
They come with trouble
Godmade trouble
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: undayrecords


Released in: 2021

Language: English

Appearing on: Eternal Sunday Drive (2021)

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