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Maurice Chevalier - Louise lyrics

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Wonderful! Oh it's wonderful

To be in love with you.

Beautiful, you're so beautiful,

You haunt me all day through.

Every little breeze seems to whisper "Louise."

Birds in the trees seem to twitter "Louise."

Each little rose tells me it knows I love you. (love you)

Every little beat that I feel in my heart

Seems to repeat what I felt at the start.

Each little sigh tells me that I adore you, Louise.

Just to see and hear you is joy I never knew,

But to be so near you thrills me through and through.

Anyone can see why I wanted your kiss.

It had to be, but the wonder is this:

Can it be true, someone like you

Could love me, Louise.
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Author: Leo Robin, Richard Whiting

Composer: Richard A. Whiting

Publisher: Wyastone Estate Limited


Released in: 1978

Language: English

Appearing on: Collection D'or - 20 chansons inoubliables (1999) , Classic Hits Of Maurice Chevalier , Ma Cherie (1988) , The 20 Best (2002)

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