Marshall Crenshaw

Marshall Crenshaw - Someday Someway

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I can't stand to hear you cry
 If you can't tell me what you need
 All I can do is wonder why

 Someday, someway
 Someday, someway
 Someday, someway
 Maybe I'll understand you
 You've taken everything from me
 I've taken everything from you
 I'll love you for my whole life through

 After all you've done for me
 All I really want to do
 Is take the love you've brought my way
 And give it all right back to you
 (Repeat Chorus
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Author: Marshall Crenshaw

Composer: Marshall Crenshaw

Publisher: London Wavelength


Released in: 2001

Language: English

Appearing on: Marshall Crenshaw (1982) , The 9 Volt Years (1998) , I've Suffered for My Art... Now It's Your Turn (2001)

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