Manowar - Kill With Power lyrics

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We come to kill and kill again.
Our arrows fall like hail
Trample on the dead-Ride through the
Gate of clouds-stand on the open step

Run berserk-spreading fear and pain
Black shield and weapons, black our chain.
None can harm us-not their fire-
Iron or steel-for we have the
Will to power-with power we will

Kill with power-die die
Kill with power-die die

To the war god Odin you will pray
And the curse of weapons shell
Remain.On the blood of all our
Fathers-on their weapons we now
Swear to evenge-not lament.
Give the False ones death.

Kill with power-die die
Kill with power-die die
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Manowar


Released in: 1984

Language: English

Appearing on: Greatest Hits (2012) , Into Glory Ride & Hail To England (1983) , Fight For Revenge (1983) , Hail To England (1984) , Wimps And Posers Leave The Hall (1993) , Made Of Steel (1993) , The Victory Of Metal (1993) , Hell On Wheels (1997) , The Kingdom Of Steel (1998) , War Of The Worlds (2003) , Steel Warriors (1998) , Warriors Over Cologne (2002) , Hell on Wheels (1997)

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