Manilla Road

Manilla Road - Return Of The Old Ones

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Here in the darkness

Black Well of Chaos

Boiling before my eyes

In here the dead rise

Out of the Cauldron

Evil that never dies

Bringer of darkness

Demon of Chaos 

King of eternal lies

Father of evil

Loosing his black minions

Into the night

Into the Cauldron I cast my life

Breaking the black spells of sacrifice

Into the Chaos 

Enter the warriors

Aryan seed of life

War with Kthulos?

Re-animate life forms

Bringers of genocide

Nightmare's confusion

Morbid illusions

Wrecking the mortal mind

I Taliesin

Banish the Black Cauldron

With my own life

Into the Cauldron I cast my life

Breaking the black spells of sacrifice, into the light

The Old Ones shall return

Cthulu's words still burn

Into the etchings of all time

The Bardic songs of old

Of warriors brave and bold

Still echo magic in their rhyme

The fire burns bright

Inside the mind

Through death comes life

Blindness to sight, into the light

Here in the darkness

Black dreams of Chaos 

I hear Cthulu's call

Forever The Old Ones

Shall be upon us

Until they devour us all
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