Manilla Road

Manilla Road - Mystification

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Through the winds of time

A poet found The Key

To The Elder Rhyme

Some call the song mystic

With tales of gore

And terror in the night

His words, no more,

Have kept me mystified


An art revealed to no one

Some say insanity

A lesson from The Baron

Master of mystery

I'm mystified

Shadows of his thoughts

Bring horror to the mind

Legions of the lost

Brought forth by his design

Morbid tales unfold

That leave thee terrified

Poetry of old

To keep thee mystified


Macabre words of fear

Created in the night

Death always so near

Manifesting fright

In his work I've seen

A strange and mystic light

His life-long dream

Was to mystify


Decadence and suffering

Devils in the bellfry

Art of Black Arts

Summoned by his rhyme

Dark and evil madness

Induced by his passion

For mystification

Of the mind, mystify

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