Manilla Road

Manilla Road - Megalodon

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From the depths of the ocean

Prehistoric - monstrous distortion

From the depths of creation

Comes the hunter - death's incarnation

Birth of the Gods, first of the Titans

Mastered by no-one, before Poseidon

From the depths of inception

Comes the monster - lost from redemption

Ancient king of tides

Killer instinct in his eyes

'Tis the deep desolation 

Dark aquaticx - life's domination

'Tis the thirst for consumption

Comes the creature - bloody seduction

Abomination. life's decimation

Hells' own creation, beast of damnation

'Tis the wake of destruction

Feeding frenzy - god of disruption

Ancient king of tides

Killer instinct in his eyes

Feel the urge for the blood feast

Murderous nature - nature of the beast

Feel the wrath of seven seas

Catclysmic - Fate of the deep-freeze

Cycles comletion, doomed to extinction

Ancient creations, cold termination

Ther will never again be

Such a killer - a shark so deadly
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