Manilla Road

Manilla Road - Into The Courts Of Chaos

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Here in the fire

Nothing belongs to god

Only the fire

Burning away the heart

Here in the mind

The holy war is fought

Out of all time

Into the Courts of Chaos

Here in the fire

Only the strong survive

Blasphemous fire 

Burning the soul alive

Sons of the night

Come to claim what was lost

These holy knights

Come to the Courts of Chaos

Here in this unholy pit of despair

Nightmares of hell come alive

Here the true enemy is your own fear

Honor is but to survive

Blessed Be warriors who fight here and die

Heros thee are to us all

Inside these halls Valkyries have no sight

If thee are felled thee be lost

Warrior cries

Echoing through the night

Inside these halls

The horde of Chaos falls

Inside these halls of hell

The Old One still he dwells

Sitting upon the throne of Chaos

Master of all his race

Monster insatiate

'Tis he we come to slay in Chaos

Hear our cries 

In Odin's name we figth

Inside these halls

The throne of Chaos falls

Into the Courts of Chaos

Into the halls of eternal despair

Into the Courts of Chaos

The only enemy is your own fear
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