Manilla Road

Manilla Road - In Gein We Trust

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Father said the crop was going to be a good one

A lot of holes to dig, a lot work to be done

Good old Gein goes to pay a visit to a stone

Maybe he'll keep you company if you're all alone


Gein we trust in you we trust in me

Gein, but what is this, what does it mean

Gein, no we don't know this place

Have you seen Gein

Mister Ed comes back from the dead to ply his trade

Skull cup-a-soup fast on a boney chair he's amde

Lots of parts all packed away in boxes nice and clean

Human nipple necklace, your a scream Mister Gein

[repeat chorus]

He's happy to watch the kids till you get back

Let's go out to the smokehouse, something new upon the rack

Nothing really showing through the windows all day

They're painted black so we don't know what to say

Wearing what face flayed grey and frozen

Sad sick desd faces, he's got them by the dozen

He becomes the person that he'd taken way back when

So he can kill himself and still live to kill again
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