Manilla Road

Manilla Road - Helicon

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Mountain of wisdom,

Of music and light

Muse of all vision,

Grant us the Waters of Life

Seeking the mountain,

Apollo's sacred realm,

Where the Muses dwell,

Inside the Crystal Well

Forest that echos,

Songs of the brave

Chidren of Delos,

Guarding the mystical gate

Magik the knowledge,

Of the ancient gods

I must carry on,

Seeking Helicon

I've crossed many wastelands,

And sailed to all shores,

In search of the mountain,

Written in ancient lore

And the in my dreaming,

The Lady came unto me,

To show me destiny,

The path I was to lead

Then came the logic,

Truth of all life

The gateways of Magik,

Are centered inside the mind

Power and wisdom,

Knowledge and eight fold law,

The music of the gods,

Lives on Helicon

The Veils of Existence,

Gateway to the sphere

Triad of justice,

A riddle sung to the ear

Darkness and Chaos,

Bow before thy might

Blessed be the light,

That burns away the night

Pegasis flying,

Across emerald skies

Warrior-Bards fighting,

To open the gates of the mind

An inner existence,

Posessed by us all,

Who fight till the fall,

Here on Helicon

War at the Gates

Guardians of light,

Defend The Fates,

Into the battle, storm this night
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