Manilla Road

Manilla Road - Flesh And Fury

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Ther you are in jet white allegiance

Sending words of wishfull thinking through the air

There you stand on the thin ice of believing

Squared for battle, you here the trumpets call

Faith take hold, cold smile diguises

Kneel and breed deception

Then the world, look thru it's fingers

Finds there's just not much to see

In our power glory to us one and all

Fell no love in freedom

Don't cry, it's only thunder in your head

Driving flesh and fury

There you are in a flash of frozen moments

On tomorrows edge and waiting at the gate

There you stand killing all your words of love

Whispering hooks in the mouth of fate

Fall from grace, talk from the corners

Raise your hands to heaven

Then from the shadows choice comes crawling out

In silence, sister victory

Can you see them come to rescue me

Mother reaching out to compassion

Can you see them standing on the other side

The warning, god has come for you

Hre we are a circle of shadows

Waiting in the wings

Hare we are stand patiently watching

The wheels set in motion

Over-night sensation breaking

Overkill religion

Back from the alley, truth comes screaming out

For mothers of mercy

In our power glory to us aone and all

Feel no love in freedom

Don't cry it's only thunder in your head

Driving flesh and fury
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