Manilla Road

Manilla Road - Dig Me No Grave

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Here I stand like the rock

Born and bred to survive

I may not be at the top

But still it's good to be alive

Feeling the flow of the chops

Whether be music or flesh

This is where sanity stops

But don't dig a grave for me yet

Dig me no grave

I was a rocker from the birth

A ocker I'll be till I die

Scorching the face of the earth

Bringing the music to life

Flying on high like a bird

Nothing can ever shoot down

Metal is dead so I've heard

But no while I'm still above ground

So dig me no grave

This is the dream of my life

This is the life of my dream

It's a hard road to survive

But nothing comes easy or free

Seems to be so little time

Yet life is an eternity

I haven't made my last rhyme

So keep your damn dirt off of me

Dig me no grave
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