Manilla Road

Manilla Road - Children Of The Night

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Before the fire

We speak of lore

Of long lost tribes

And their wars

When Picts did thrive

On blood and gore

To stay alive

On this shore


A holy war

Born of The Well

To stop the horde

Come up from Hell

Vengeful for death

Inside the mind

The Quest

To burn away the night

A son of Crom

Before his life

An Aryan

From The Light

I shalt not run

From any fight

Death to Children

Of The Night


The Sons Of Aryan

Forgotten through the years

Born of The Ancient Ones

In The Forest of our fears

Cthulu still is here

The Horn calls to unite

Wotan casts his spear

Over The Children Of The Night

Sons Of The Flame

And Muspel's might

Stand strong in name

Of The Light

Know well The Wave

By count is Ninth

Returns The Staves

To the flight

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