Manilla Road

Manilla Road - Cage Of Mirrors

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On the crest for eternity, a bell for every day

That I've lived in silent search of the mirrored cage

I could summon Lucifer and his warriors

With the necromancer's cage of mirrors

I found the castle on the hill where is said to be

The necromancer's gate to hell, a cage of sorcery

Mirrored bars that show all the pathways through the mind

To the other side of hell where demon warriors ride...

Where demon warriors ride... Ha! Ha ! Ha!

The cage appears before my eyes, I feel I'm in a dream

To the other side of hell I cast my spell and scream

I summon Lucifer and his warriors

I... I found the cage of mirrors

With magick book I cast the spell of the trinity

To open up the gates of hell and blacken all the seas

the griffon with his eyes of blood searing through my soul

Demanding virgin sacrifice, how was I to know

How was I to know... I couldn't know...

Not ever possibly.. What did I do...

Blasphemy... Ha! Ha! Ha!

Tale me back the way I came, I don't want to see

The evil that awaits my name, I live in agony

I would send back Lucifer and his warriors

But I'm trapped in a cage of mirrors
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