Madeleine Peyroux

Madeleine Peyroux - Keep Me in Your Heart for a While

Madeleine Peyroux - Keep Me in Your Heart for a While

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Published by: Rounder

Published in: 2014

Release type: Full CD

  • Don?t Wait Too Long <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:11)</span> (Submit)
  • You?re Gonna Make Me Lonesome <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:25)</span> (Submit)
  • (Getting Some) Fun Out of Life <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:13)</span> (Submit)
  • Between the Bars <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:43)</span> (Submit)
  • I?m All Right <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:28)</span> (Submit)
  • La Vie en Rose <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:19)</span> (Submit)
  • Half the Perfect World <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:22)</span> (Submit)
  • Dance Me to the End of Love <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:56)</span> (Submit)
  • Smile <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:59)</span> (Submit)
  • Once in a While <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:00)</span> (Submit)
  • The Summer Wind <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:56)</span> (Submit)
  • Careless Love <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:50)</span> (Submit)
  • Guilty <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:52)</span> (Submit)
  • Desperadoes Under the Eaves [Extended Version] <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:20)</span> (Submit)
  • Changing All Those Changes <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:09)</span> (Submit)
  • J?ai Deux Amours <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:55)</span> (Submit)
  • River of Tears <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:20)</span> (Submit)
  • The Things I?ve Seen Today <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:42)</span> (Submit)
  • Damn the Circumstances <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:36)</span> (Submit)
  • La Javanaise <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:11)</span> (Submit)
  • The Kind You Can?t Afford <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:58)</span> (Submit)
  • Bye Bye Love <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:28)</span> (Submit)
  • Walkin? After Midnight <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:49)</span> (Submit)
  • Standing on the Rooftop <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:46)</span> (Submit)
  • Instead <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:12)</span> (Submit)
  • Keep Me in Your Heart [First Audio Release] <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:32)</span> (Submit)
  • This Is Heaven to Me <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:12)</span> (Submit)
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