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Recognized as one of the most innovative and original bands from Los Angeles, Lyrics Of Two have established themselves as accomplished lyricist/songwriter/composers. Steadfastly earning a reputation of professionalism, talent and creativity. Founded by Los Angeles born, head songwriter, poet, author, and Mount St, Mary’s University graduated sociologist Marie Helen Abramyan. Songwriter's Guild Of America member Marie Helen is classically trained in piano, and has had an interest in creative writing from a very early age. Her musical training began with her uncle Ashot Abramyan, who played violin for the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Utah Symphony orchestra, and in whose honor the Abramyan String Quartet was founded. It was with him that she learned the basics of classical music. During this time in school her abilities to creatively write began to flourish. Marie Helen has been educated at the some of the best private all girl schools in Los Angeles, winning numerous poetry and lyric writing awards while still a student. Her hard work and diligence in university earned her numerous scholarships. Being on either the honor roll or the dean’s list every year of her university schooling. Marie Helen showed so much potential in her work that she was awarded the “Dean's Award For Student With Most Potential” among all the students in the university. Marie Helen is also the founder of Lyrics Of Two Publishing.

After graduation she began to focus on her lyrics and music even more. Marie Helen has also written hit songs for international pop stars and now for country music artists as well. After founding Lyrics Of Two she has used her skill to bridge the gap between the genres of pop, rock and country. All of Lyrics Of Two's songs are written by Marie Helen. She the author of a children's book titled The Tales Of The Helpful Friends And the Garden Show, and a poetry book with a collection of her seasonal poetry titled Celebrating The Holidays & Seasons With Poetry & The Smaller Things In Nature.

Lyrics Of Two have consecutively earned their position as #1 band in California in the Deli Music Charts in the Mainstream Pop Category. As well as being #1 in the West Coast, Southeast, Southwest, NewEngland and Rocky Mountain regions of the Deli Music Charts in many categories including Songwriters, Mainstream Pop Music, Country/Bluegrass, and Blues/Rock. Lyrics Of Two was chosen Artist Of The Month three times at Native Family Radio first on December 2016 then again after the release of their latest #1 hit song, Let's Make This Earth From House To Home, on July 2017. Then a third time on On April 29, 2019 after topping the favorite artists top 20 chart the entire month. The band was most recently nominated as Entertainer Of The Year at Florida Country Radio, and was also nominated for and Independent Music Award for their song Mysteries. 360 Magazine in their Dec/Jan 2017 Iceland Issue said about Lyrics Of Two, “We should all expect this ensemble to continue to blaze trails with their high degrees of sophistication and marketability. All of the above have earned them a top spot on this week's #360WatchList.”

Their radio hit, fan favorite, and long trending song Mysteries which immediately reached #1 on numerous music charts and polls from all around the globe. Winning a 100% Radio Hit Award from radio listens and fans from Kraze Radio. Mysteries by Lyrics Of Two. has also earned rave reviews from magazines to blogs. Mysteries showcases an angelic, full voice with wet undertones. Excellent musical arrangement - understated yet powerful.(360 Magazine music review 2016) Mysteries shines as one of our absolute favourite tracks” (Anthem Review 2016) And rave reviews from a vast variety of radio DJs from the Uk, Australia to Germany and the United States.

Their exclusive I Just Want To Love You has been described by 360 Magazine (2016) as “a romantic man that professes one’s insatiable desire to simply be an open vessel and allow themselves to be vulnerable with that special someone.” “I Just Want To Love You shines as not only one of their most recent, but also one of their most emotive.” (Anthem Review March 2016).I Just Want To Love You has also been a radio hit around the globe on many radio station rotations. The song was #1 consecutively 4 time at LOZ Radio and continues top many radio music charts and has been voted as a fan favorite.

Labeled by fans as the “musician’s anthem” their hit song Streetlights Are Spotlights
became a global radio favorite hit shortly after it’s release. Infusing their raw acoustic rock guitar with fantastic lyrical storytelling so fundamental to country music, this hit soon became a trending fan favorite. Including top markets the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, and more.

Breaking My Heart Was No Accident immediately rose to #1 upon it's debut on the WBCW FM Florida Country Radio Top 25 Song Chart. The song is described in music reviews as, "a powerful piece about dishonesty and infidelity. Quivering vocals add a speck of sadness and exhibits a strong emotional link between both the listener and singer.”(360 Magazine Music Review 2016). The song has gained a lot of country music fans and has been added to many radio rotations globally. Breaking My Heart Was No Accident continues to chart on various radio music charts.

Shortly after came their #1 chart topping Shut It Down. Written as an homage to the athletic spirit. This fan favorite particularly gained popularity from sports fans. “Shut It Down is an anthemic track which fuels a competitive soul to pull ahead by any means necessary - contains superb lyrical content and lure.” (360 Magazine Music Review 2016). "Shut It Down is a song that will get your southern rock/blues/old school feeling back. They def make this presence known in this new single release. I am absolutely in love with this band. Each song they put out is better than the last. This single definitely defines what the band is all about. I can only imagine Marie Abramyan writing down these lyrics from the heart, you can feel it in the chorus of this song. Shut It Down makes you want to rev up your car and take life into your own hands." (Reviews Music Magazine, 2017) Shut It Down has become a fan favorite internationally in countries such as the United States, UK, Canada, Belgium, Australia, and more. This motivating and high energy hit still receives rave reviews from industry professionals.

Lyrics Of Two was nominated for Entertainer Of The Year at WBCW Florida Country Radio in 2016. Lyrics Of Two's song Mysteries was nominated for an Independent Music Award in 2016 in the category of Best Pop Song.

Lyrics Of Two has scored another chart topper, with the release of their single California Loving . Already topping radio charts all over the world, “California Loving” has received rave reviews. Described by 360 Magazine as “an ode to all things which draw us into the state's bosom: climate, ocean views and luxuriant pastures. Classically trained pianist and songwriter Marie Helen strikes gold with this bit of art. Sensual lyrics and strong harmonies coupled with immense vocal capabilities provide this track with all of the ingredients needed to keep it on replay.” (360 Mag January 2017). The song is on high rotation on radio stations globally, and has already become a fan request favorite at the stations world wide.

Upon the release of Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home, the song debuted at #1 at the WBCW FM Florida Country Radio Top 25 Song Chart, and remained in the #1 position consecutively 6 times at the station. The song was also #2 at Belter Radio in the United Kingdom for a consecutive four times. Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home has also made the charts in the Top 10 Songs at VALLEY FM 89.5 in Australia for the week of August 7, 2017 as well as being on the Radio Indie Alliance Overall Top 40 for the week of August 28, 2017, Upon its release, the song has quickly become a fan favorite, and has also has received rave reviews internationally, from music critics, magazines, newspapers and radio DJs around the globe. With Dancing For Architecture saying “I propose that this song (Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home) be played in every mall, bank, school yard and workplace across the world, a gentle suggestion to already susceptible minds, a reminder that when it comes down to it, we are all children, all parents, are all loved, are all neighbours, are all community, all citizens of the same small planet. And when the cruel winds deliver news of yet more dark actions and troubling events around the world we can use this as a collective song of unity. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow…maybe mighty movements from gentle songs do as well. Let’s hope.” (2017 Dancing For Architecture music reviewed by Dave Franklin). Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home is on constant rotation at radio stations globally.

Like their previous hit, the latest release from Lyrics Of Two titled Summer Song (Hey, Hey), has also debuted at #1 on WBCW FM Florida Country Radio's Top 25 Song Chart, and continued to hold the #1 spot on the station's chart consecutively until closing the chart off for the year, and being named #1 song of 2018. Summer Song (Hey, Hey) has also held top positions on Australia's VALLEY FM 89.5 Sweet Sunday Sounds Top 25 Tracks Chart for the week of August 13, 2018, and on the Radio Indie Alliance Top 10 for the week of August 16, 2018. Summer Song (Hey, Hey) continues to chart at radio stations globally. The song has also been chosen to be #1 on the Stereo Stickman Magazine's Best Artists And Band's spotify playlist for September 2018. Then on April 29th, 2019 Summer Song (Hey, Hey) was voted the #1 song on the Native Family Radio Top 20 Chart by radio listeners and fans. Summer Song (Hey, Hey) has also received, and continues to receive overwhelmingly positive reviews from international publications, and radio stations.

On December 19, 2018, Lyrics Of Two won the award for 2018 Music Duo Of The Year, at the Florida Country Radio Music Awards.

In the month of April 2019 Lyrics Of Two was voted #1 favorite artist on the Native Family Radio Top 20 favorite artists chart. Thereafter, the band topped the favorite artists chart the entire month and was voted #1 artist of the month on the Top 20 Artists Of The Month Chart at the radio station.

On April 29, 2019 Lyrics Of Two was named Band Of The Month at Native Family Radio after topping the Top 20 Favorite Artists Chart voted on by radio listeners and fans the entire month.

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