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Lyle Lovett - The Road To Ensenada guitar chord

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Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 14:21:29 -0500
From: Brian Davies 
Subject: CRD: "The Road To Ensenada" by Lyle Lovett

This one was actually a bit tough to work out, since the guitar part
includes a lot of partial chords that could be interpreted in different
ways.  This arrangement sounds quite nice, though.  I'd advise picking
rather than strumming, to get the spare sound of the recording -- try
experimenting with different picking patterns until you find one you like.

  THE ROAD TO ENSENADA  by Lyle Lovett

Transcribed by Brian Davies
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As [D] ..[G] ..[A] bro[D]ken
[D] Viva [A] Mexi[D]co
My [D] ..[G] ..[A] o[D]pen
And I [Bm] ..[A] ..[D] ..
I [D] ..[G] ..[A] ..

Where .. [D] ..[G] ..[A] ta[D]ble
And [D] .. [A] ..[D] ..
[D] Honey .. [G] ..[A] ..[D] ..
But ..[Bm] ..[A] ..[D] ..
Right [D] .. [G] ..[A] ..

  [D] Listen..[G] ..[A] ..[D] ..
  And [D] ..[G] ..[A] ..[D] feet
  And [D] ..[G] ..[A] ..[D] ..
  You [Bm] ..[A] ..[D] me
  You [D] ..[G] ..[A] me

The [D] [G] Ensen[A]ada [D]
[D] Is ..[A] ..[D] fast
If [D] ..[G] ..[A] ..[D]
Then [Bm] ..[A] ..[D] ..
[D] I'll .. [G] ..[A] ..

But my [D] ..[G] .. [A] slow[D]ly
And .[D] ..[G] ..[A] s.. [D] ..
And there [Bm] ..[A] ..[D] ..
There [D] ..[G] ..[A] ..


You .. [D] .. [G] ..[A] right[D]eous
The [D] ..[A] ..[D] ..
But ..[D] .. a[G]mong ..un[A]clean [D]
Your [Bm] ..[A] ..un[D]done
Your [D] .[G] ..un[A]done

  Solo on Verse

The [D] .. [G] ..[A] border[D]line
They're [D] ..[A] ..[D] ..
They're [D] ..[G] ..[A] .. [D] ..
But [Bm] ...[A] under[D]stand
[D] I d.. [G] under[A]stand

So it's [D] adi[G]os to [A] Alver[D]o
Tell ..[D] .. be[A]tween ..[D] ..
And ..[D] ..[G] Gabri[A]ella [D] ..
Tell ..[Bm] ..[A] ..[D] ..
Say .. [D] ..[G] ..[A] ..

Because .. [D..[G] Ensen[A]ada [D]
[D] Is .. [A] ..[D] ..
[D] And ..[G] ..[A] Tiju[D]ana
Well [Bm] ..[A] ..[D] ..
[D] It ..[G] ..[A] ..


You [G] ..[A] ..[D] ..
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Curb Records


Released in: 1996

Language: English

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