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Lyle Lovett - The Girl In The Corner guitar chord

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Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 09:24:50 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Jeffrey J. Gray" 
Subject: l/lovett_lyle/

{t:The Girl In The Corner}
{st:Lyle Lovett}
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I said [G]howdy there lady
This [C]sure is some [G]party
I've [C]never seen [G]anything
Like [D]this before
She said [G]howdy there honey
It's [C]just barely [G]started
But if [C]you think this is [G]something
Just [D]stand here some more

Then she [G]looked at me
Then she [C]laughed at me[G]
Then she lifted her [D]glass to me
And the [G]rest they say is [C]history [G]   [G][D][G]

I ..[G]girl ..
[C]She ..[G]pretty
Oh the [C]..[G]..
She [D]..
[G]Lady ..
Can I [C]..[G]..
I'm [C]...[G]..
They [D]..[G..

Well ..[G]..
Then .[C]..[G]me
Then ....[D]glass ..
And the [G]rest ..[C]history [G]  [G][D][G]
But [G]..
Cham[C]pagne ..[G]hands
[C]There ..[G]..
Where [D]..
And the [G]..
And the [C]..[G]on
And the [C]..[G]corner
Was [D][G]one

But ..[G]..
And ..[C]..[G]me
But ..[D]..
And the [G]rest ..[C]history [G]  [G][D][G]

[G]Tim ..
And [C]..[G]smart
And [C]..[G]looked
Like a [D]..
[G]Melissa ..
But [C]..[G]...
And [C]Dan and [G]Elaine
Had the [D]...
[G]Debra ..
[C]Lisa .. [G]..
And the [C]..[G]corner
She .. [D]..
[G]Richard ..
And [C]..[G]funny
And [C]..[G]lady
She had [D]..[G]..
So I [G]..
When it [C]..[G]leave
And [C]..[G]out
Someone [D]..
She said [G]..of[C]ficially ..
[C]But ..[G]..[D]came

She ..[G]..
She's [C]..[G]..
And [C]..[G]first
To look [D]..
But [G]..
I [C]..introd[G]uce you
But [C]you ..[G]same

Then she [G]..
Then she [C] [G]me
Then ..[D]hand to me
And the [G]..[C].. [G]  [G][D][G]
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