Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams - Louisiana Man lyrics

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Louisiana man with a style his own, 

Not like some other men I've known, 

With his cowboy boots and his hats he wore so well; 

Caught me eye on the very first day 

And I never will forget the way 

He played guitar and he sang just like an angel.

Thoughts of you flicker past, 

Goin' on down the road so fast, 

The trees and the bushes and the telephones poles fly by. 

I never seem to have the time, 

I'll just have to keep you on my mind, 

How I wish I could keep you by my side. 


Country man with a heart of gold, 

One more kiss before I hit the road, 

Hold me one more time before I go. 

Nights will be longer now 

But I'll get along somehow, 

I've learned how to do it all before. 

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