Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams - Disgusted lyrics

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I been lookin for my old man

I can't find him nowhere

I think I'll go Chicago

And look around over there

If I can't find him

Go back on the river and sit right down

That man keep a worryin' poor me

I'm gonna jump overboard and drown

My man, he come sit down

He come sit down right beside me

He said: "Would be good, Mama

If you just come with me"

And I go with my baby

What man like a woman with a sassy child

I won't have to ask him no questions

Man, because he knows the reason why

I feel so disgusted

I don't know what to do

I think I'll go uptown

Try to find me somethin' new

Meet a man with a Cadillac

Whoah man, and plenty money too

I won't have to wake up 

Early in the mornin'

'Cause I won't have nothin' 

In the world to do
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