Lucifer - Scapegoat Of 1000 Young lyrics

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sterle crucifix, represents incompitence

holy lie's of jesus christ

false prophet of eternal life

holy fuck pompus lier

belial laughs cast him in the fire

burn in hell for sexual desire and blasphamy

god no longer exist's, his ass drowend in the watery abyss

leviathan rises forth, hunger satisfied by jehovah's corpse

open your eyes you will see

get the fuck up off your knees

burn your bible in vain

lucifer forever reigns

traval the path of the left

beyond the curtain of death

into the divine abyss, mayhems always amiist

slay the begotten lamb, his flock is the dust in the sand

praise the black goat, his blessing we have invoked

satan lives forever,on the gillotin christ ghaed is severd

castration of your soul, your body rotts inside a hole

decomposed inside the ground, ressurect from black sorrsey

lucifer laugh's as i do his bidding

baphomet black one, scapegoat of 1000 young,grant me the powers of thee

power of black sorcery,18th enochian key'summons lucifers blessing

unlock the gates of hell, blackest unholy spell

amon the god of desire, Satan the lord of the fire
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