Lucifer - House For Sale lyrics

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The sign went up one rainy morning
Just a couple of hours after dawn
Mrs. Hadley peaked out through her curtains
Wondering what was going on
The neighbours said over coffee cups
That nice young couple is breaking up.

In the living room the linen and the crystals
Sit all packed and set to go
I tell myself once more I won't be here this spring
To see my roses grow
And all the things you tried to fix
The roof still leaks the door still sticks.

House for sale
You can read it on the sign
House for sale
It was yours and it was mine
And tomorrow some strangers will be climbing up the stairs
To the bedroom filled with memories
The one we used to share.

I know you've always loved that painting
From that funny little shop in Spain
Remember how we found it when we ducked in
From that sudden summer rain
But I think I'll keep the silver tray
My mother gave us on our wedding day.

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Author: Gloria Skerlov & Harry Lloyd

Composer: Gloria Skerlov & Harry Lloyd

Publisher: EMI Records


Released in: 1996

Language: English

Covered by: Jan Rot (2005, Dutch) , Floor Jansen (2023)

Translations: Dutch

Appearing on: As We Are (1975) , Good For Gold (1972) , The Best Of Margriet Eshuys & Lucifer (1979)

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