Lucifer - Burn The Soul lyrics

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Burned alive,dead on the stake

condemned souls are mine to take

brimestone smell,the stench of hell

the horror burns in their eyes

the corpse burning in their mind

save your prayers for those who care

burn the soul in hell

burn the soul theres no escape

tormented soul are mine to take

they sinned in life,now there dead

burning there souls never ends

chistianity once more fails

the christians bastards burn in hell

remains decaryed now you learn

in hell your soul forever burns

drowend in a lake of fire

christ is dead the cocksucking liar

burning souls feel the fire

burn your soul no escape

tormented soul were mine to take

feel the pain of burning souls in hell's flames

blackened gates found here

burning the soul's of christian queers

two face christians soon will learn

in hell their souls will forever burn

stolen there souls,taken away

there body's lie in decay 

burning their souls in hell there souls

forever burn

stolen their soul's taken away

thier body's lie in decay

burning the soul's in hell

burning soul's are what you smell

feel the flames

feel the pain

burn the soul
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