Russian: Любэ (other possible English spelings: Lyube, Lyubeh, Lube)

A famous Russian rock band founded in 1989 by poet and composer Igor Matvienko, consisting of six members. The name refers to the suburb of Moscov "Lubertsky".

Lubeh's music is a mixture of several genres, with influences from Russian folk music, rock, Russian chanson and Soviet military songs. Their songs often have a patriotic note, too. A well know song is a rock rendition of the hymn of the Russian Federation.

The band members often perform in military uniforms. They like to invite Russian military choirs to join them at concerts and for recordings.

The band's leader Nikolai Rastorguyev was given the honorary title of People's Artist of Russiain in 1997.


Nikolai Rastorguyev - vocals
Vitaliy Loktev - keyboards, accordion
Aleksandr Erokhin - drums
Anatoliy Kuleshov - backing vocals, choral master
Aleksey Khokhlov -guitar
Pavel Usanov - bass guitar
Aleksey Tarasov - backing vocals


Yuriy Rymanov - guitar


Атас (Atas, slang for "alert") — 1989
Кто сказал, что мы плохо жили..? (Kto skazal, chto my plokho zhili...?, "who said that we lived badly?") — 1992
Зона Любэ (Zona Lyube, "Lyube zone") — 1993
Комбат (Kombat, "battalion commander") — 1996
Собрание сочинений (Sobranie sochineniy, "collected works") — 1996
Песни о людях (Pesni o ludyakh, "songs about people") — 1997
Песни из концертной программы "Песни о людях" (Iz kontsertnoy programmy "Pesni o ludyakh", "From the concert programs of 'Songs about people'", two-disc concert recording) — 1998
Полустаночки (Polustanochki, "substations") — 2000
Собрание сочинений. Том 2 (Sobranie sochineniy, Tom 2, "collected works, volume 2") — 2001
Давай за… (Davay za..., "let's do it for...") — 2002
Юбилей. Лучшие песни (Yubilej. Luchshiye Pesni, "anniversary, best of", two-disc concert recording) — 2002
Ребята нашего полка (Rebyata nashego polka, "the guys from our regiment") — 2004
Рассея (Rasseya, "Russia" with a typically patriotic spelling variation) — 2005
В России (V Rossiyi, "in Russia") — 2007
Собрание сочинений. Том 3 (Sobranie sochinenyi. Tom 3, "collected works volume 3") — 2008
Свои (Svoi, "our men") — 2009

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