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Louis Armstrong - Would You Like To Take A Walk? lyrics

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Louis, Louis put down that horn
Don't you ever get tired?
Well, deep down in my heart baby I don't
But what's on your cute little mind now?

Would you like a walk?
Why now babes
Do you think it's gonna rain?
Oh, not in California

How about a sasparilla?
Straight babes
Gee, the moon is yellow
Somethin' good will come from there

Have you heard the ladies song
It's very pretty strange
Do you feel a little thrilly?
Gee, it's gettin' chilly
Something good will come from there

When you're strollin' through the waysis
You need a hoozes to lean upon
But when you have noses to hug and what is, gosh darn

Would you like to take a walk?
Do you think it's gonna rain?
Ain't you sick of television
I'd much rather go fishin'
Something good will come from there

I sure like that kind of talk
Better take a walk
Can you play another song?
This record's gettin' long

So cut out the talk
Honey, we better take a walk
And something good will come from there
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