Lizzo - T-Baby lyrics

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Tar baby, got it in the bag

Kiss me on my ego, tell me what one tastes like
I've never been the proud one, kicked it hard in stage right
Ego's can take a pounding, when the mind's dim and the light's bright
Too bad for you, that your ignorance is in hindsight
In retrospect, remembering the time I was derelict
More like Derelickt, I made homeless sheik
Kick it in the subaru
Played a show, showered at the gym, and slept at the studio
My lean cuisine was a ramen noodle but you know I rocked that

Black mask, black sash (trick)
Pull up, silence, gasp!
Big Girl, Small World (I'm thick)
I got it in the bag
Tar Baby

Sent the flying monkeys out
Get up on the level that I'm talking bout
Feeling like a rebel in the melting pot
Oh, you got figures so I'm jelly huh?
Oh, you're fairly smug that's embarrassing
Biting on your black tongue
Came a long way in this thing so you can't label me as a "nigga with a microphone"
Dorothy Dandrige
Chuck Berry
Michael Jackson is
Black excellence
My girl, you silenced
Michael, you de-Princed
Chuck B. put a white girl in his car and he crossed the line so you fenced him in them prisons!
Who is "you"? I'm talkin to YOU, you know who you are
The reason I can't be a black star without your black card
Swipe swipe to the corporations
Salute give you salutations
Look down at the graves you've spit in
(These niggas trippin)


Hardest working woman in the T.C.? Hardly, I feel lazy
I was eating Pho when I wrote this
Fever, 103
Met some cool Minnesotans, but really
Some of y'all need a lesson from Lazerbeak

I rock that
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