Liquido - I Won't Try

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I'm willing to let you down
Oh, I'm sorry but it's hard to handle
It's hard to handle love
Yes, l remember all the bad and good times
Every day we had
Sorry for running off
To find the right thing
To find the right way

l won't try
I am sorry to say Goodbye

Four letters so important for us
For all to understand
Oh, I'm sorry not a single one
A single one would believe
No, I'm not glad I've never been
I've never been so far. so unhappy
l can't believe
How stupid l have been

l won't try
I am sorry to say goodbye
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Virgin Schallplatten GmbH


Released in: 1999

Language: English

Appearing on: Liquido (1999)

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