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Levi Riggs - F-150 lyrics

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I wish I could have you here. One arm wrapped around you, dear.
But you're in my rear-view mirror lookin' back at me.
Once we used to be so close. I smiled with you the most. About you I would boast, then I had to set you free.

Wishin' you were here with me in the middle seat of this F-150 in the hot summer heat.
One hand on the wheel, one hand holding you, in the middle seat of my F-150.

It wasn't long ago when I passed you on the road.
You were in that guy's black truck but you didn't see me.
I saw he made you ride on the passenger side.
It look like the Great Divide, not where you'd want to be.


My V-8 won't get up and go since you're gone. My radio won't play our favorite Alabama songs.


La La La La La

La La La La La
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