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Police On My Back by Lethal Bizzle, Music Video and Lyrics

The champion of 'grindie' hybrid genre is back with his second single.
Sampling the Clash's 'Police On My Back', Bizzle reminisces on his days of petty theft crime.

Lethal Bizzle - Police On My Back Video

Yeah, Bizzle,
True Stories Yo Check Me Out Yo Oi,

I used to be a criminal, top car dealer,
Big competition but my cars were realer

But quite frank my cars were professional,
Reloads exceptional.

Serial change, log book, keys
All you need to worry about was the fee's
Well lets see you can start from the back
Depending what car you can pay 20 G's

Look at these, Brand new X5 with keys,
If ya' need Mercedes Benz with TV's
Look at these Golf, Astra's, TT's
anything you want, yer we can get these.

Best sellers were the Punto's
dont be laughing when i say Punto's
'Coz I was the only one who stole Punto's
An' they were cheap and cute an' everyone could afford it.

Like, As they're packed in obviously 'coz of the music but like,
One time i got chased by helicopters, police, police dogs.
I got away but listen to what happened though look, look

So i'm in my Punto yer, an I see the boy there in the bear view
And i'm thinking S**t what am I gonna' do?
This car's slow it's only 1.2
So I jumped out while still moving, somewhere random in Chingford
Back then i was a little Linford, But not ugly as a Linford.

So anyway an' im running heart is pumping fast
(Budum) (Budum) (Budum) (Buddum)
It's gettin' tight they're gunna' catch my A*se
(Budum) (Budum) (Budum)
Then i saw that garden wall, swear,no lies,about 10 foot tall.
So i jumped over, thought all was cool, that's when I heard the helicopter.
(Wings) AH S**T.

(Chorus: I'm Running, Police On My Back)

So I remember sitting in this garden right, an' the helicopter is at the other side
of the road. So I'm thinking like right, if i don't make a move now I'm gunna' get
So I thought nar you know what I gotta' make a move so I remember making a
move like.

Trying to be quiet, Jumping over the fences, make sure I turn off my phone.
Then I saw this shed, so I start runnin' towards this shed praying the doors are
I got into this shed and i remember thinking to myself
AH S**T. What have I done?
AH S**T. What have I done?
AH S**T. What have I done?
AAHH. What have I done?


So like four hours later, it's like seven AM in the morning, daylight,
people going to work.
I Just walked home.

Oh yeah, I missed a bit out
One of my mates were in the car.
You know what happened to him, Init.

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Author: Eddy Grant

Composer: ?

Publisher: V2 Music Ltd.


Released in: 2007

Language: English

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