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Leon Russell - Out In The Woods guitar chord

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Title:		OUT IN THE WOODS			(Leon Russell)

 Em  D  A                  Em          D      A
	   Well I'm goin' down,  Goin down a hard road
			   Em          D                A
 	       Just don't know,  Don't know where I've been
                          Em           D                A
 But I think I've been walkin',  I'm walkin' round in circles
                  B           F#         B  B7
 		  Can't even find a friend

                           Em             D            A
	       Woah... my love,  My love she is not waiting
                           Em               D         A
    Think I might've been gone,  I've been gone too long
                          Em               D     A
	    Look at the people,  People make me crazy
                  B             F#       B  B7  G Ab
		  I can hardly sing my song

        A                 E            A            E
	Hustlers stand around me, I'm lost and all alone
               Can't tell the bad from the good
       B                     E D  A       E        D   A
	  I'm lost in the woods, I'm lost in the woods

                          Em             D          A
	     Big city gamblers,  Gamblers take my money
                          Em             D           A
     Yes it gets to be useless,  Yes it's useless to me
                          Em               D              A
	  And I think I'm lost,  When I'm lost inside this Jungle
                      B          F#            B   B7
		Can't see the forest for the trees

                          Em           D         A
	    Well pretty little,  Woman come and get me
                           Em            D        A
			Try me,  Try me one more time
                           Em           D        A
	    Yes and your sweet,  Your sweet understanding
                       B         F#             B  B7  G  Ab  A
	 	Can't fix this broken heart of mine

                                  E   A                  E
	  The vultures fly around me, Come and take me home
		 Can't tell the bad from the good
     B                   E  D  A                E   D   A ...
	I'm out in the woods, I'm lost in the woods....

	I'm a man gone crazy in the woods.  I'm wondering around in the bush.

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All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.
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Author: Leon Russell

Composer: ?

Publisher: Les Blank Films, Inc., The Criterion Collection


Released in: 1972

Language: English

Appearing on: Retrospective (1997)

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