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Lenny Kravitz - Rock & Roll Is Dead lyrics

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Ooohoooh yeah
You think you’re on top of the world
But you know it’s really over
Runnin’ round with diamond rings
And coke spoons that are overflowin’
Rock and roll is dead
But all the money in the world
Can’t buy you from the place you’re going to
Ooohoooh yeah
Rock and roll is dead X3
You can’t even sing or play an instrument
So you just scream instead
Oh yeah
You’re living for an image
So you got five hundred women in your bed
Oh yeah
Rock and roll is dead
But it’s real hard to be yourself
When you’re living with those demons in your head
Ooohoooh yeah
Rock and roll is dead X3
Rock and roll is dead X7
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Language: English

Appearing on: The Best Of Lenny Kravitz , Greatest Hits (2000) , Circus (1995) , Rock And Roll Is Dead (1995) , The Best Of '98 (1998) , Greatest Hits Limited Tour Edition (2005) , Pinkpop 2002 (2002) , Believe (Rock Am Ring Festival) (2002) , Eternal Spirit (2002) , Eternal Spirit (2002) , Greatest Hits (2008) , A Tribute Performed by Studio 99 (2006)

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