Laidback Luke

Laidback Luke - Focus

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Published by: unknown

Published in: 2015

Release type: Full CD

  • Intro (0:48) (Submit)
  • Let It Go (5:13)met Trevor Guthrie (Submit)
  • The Chase (4:15)met GTA en Aruna (Submit)
  • Hooked Again (3:13)met Sam Ashworth (Submit)
  • KillaSound (5:05) (Submit)
  • Won't Break This Feeling Down (3:25)met Luciano Martina (Submit)
  • Never Forget (5:41)met More en Killa Karma (Submit)
  • We Party (4:00)met D.O.D. (Submit)
  • Tell Me That You Love Me (4:35)met Marc Benjamin en Cimo Fr?nkel (Submit)
  • Scandinavia (4:48) (Submit)
  • Neon Sunrise (4:27)met Benny Benassi en Amba Shepherd (Submit)
  • The Rut (4:02) (Submit)
  • Never Rave Again (3:39)met Harrison (Submit)
  • Mic (3:56)met Yellow Claw en Dirtcaps (Submit)
  • Fantasizing (4:17)met Natalia Isabella (Submit)
  • Wudang (6:49) (Submit)
  • Don't Hesitate (3:53)met Mangal Suvarnan (Submit)
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