La Terapia

La Terapia is a Reggaeton and Latin pop artist also a Songwriter was born in United States in July 17, 1988 and raised with Dominican parents. His real name is Thawry Peguero Ortiz, who began to have an interest in music at an early age influenced by Jamaican music, English hip hop and Puerto Rico reggaeton. Since school he started recording songs with several friends of hip hop and freestyle and they decided to make a musical group called "La Terapia" after several years that the high school ended, the musical group broke up and all the members of the group followed different directions, so

La Terapia stayed with the name as solo artist.

In fact it was not until the middle of 2012 when he began to succeed, making himself known on social networks with his first musical hit "Humo y Alcohol" and creating his own movement. That same year he released the song and the video clip of "Tamo Liquidao" that was in the first positions in the local radios stations also in the music portals, giving more strength to his career. In 2014 he released the official remix of the song "Ahi Ahi Ahi" featuring De La Ghetto with great success reaching at # 46 on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart.

A year later La Terapia was kept busy making his second studio album "Mas Alla Del Tiempo" but it was not released until 2016 due to inconveniences of the record label. Then in 2017 he started working as an independent artist releasing the Musical Video of "Como Ella Se Mueve" which was a success reaching more than one million views between Facebook and YouTube quickly began to fill the agenda and started making performances in the United States and Latin America.

After touring all of Latin America and the United States and establishing large fan bases in places like Venezuela and Colombia, he decided to release his third studio album "King Tera" that has had good acceptance from the public, since La Terapia is an artist very diverse in the type of genres he performs, among which are the Reggaeton, trap, hip hop, merengue, salsa, ballad and pop.

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