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L.A. Guns - Rip And Tear lyrics

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Don't need a reason I got the groove
My fire is burning it burns hot
When I start I'm working can't stop
Don't need permission don't need a cue
My motor's running and I'm coming after u
Hold me baby hold me tight
You feel so good in the middle of the night

Rip and Tear
Rockin' the house down
Taking the dare
Rip and Tear
Mulholland woman
She don't care

I need some action I need the chase
I'm riding hard and I'm thinking 'bout your face
Nice n'sleazy got the stuff
What you're giving me I never get enough
Load up momma load my gun
I shout 4 thrills and I'm second 2 none
Hold me baby hold me tight
U look so good in the middle of the night


She don't care she don't care
She's takin' me high tonight
In the sky tonight
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Shrapnel Records, Inc.


Released in: 1989

Language: English

Appearing on: Toronto 1990 (2015) , Boston 1989 (2014) , Cocked & Loaded (2017) , Made In Milan (2018) , Ultimate L.A. Guns (2002) , 20th Century Masters (2005) , Loud & Dangerous (2006) , Cocked and Loaded Live (2021)

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