Kurupt - Fuck Da World lyrics

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(feat. Daz)


Motherfuckers know that it's on tonight

we came in here to fuck it up with a shoot out or fight

Niggas don't understand that it's on tonight

hap hap hap it's on tonight.. Young Gotti!


Take preparation (preparation) meditation (meditation)

Convalescent solo solo psycho store storm and store propane

to roll the game rearrange change rain or snow

but for real explain the exceptional view

With the exception of an exceptional feud I view

Impose the arsonists to burn a bunch, extreme kerosene

Helium dioxide aquanated oxide acquitted lop side


Baby this is it fuck da world

I'ma be the first nigga to fuck da world

Converse apparel inspired by..

Fly out the barrel five out the barrel


Just take position ammunition, convalescent Converse

Where we at first is where we at last, where we last cash

One last toke will make your smoke ride high

I'ma give everything like pushing the button

Now how does it feel when you die for nothing?

Metropolis crumble, apocalypse mo' lines surround and dine

Let loose in at least a Nam, calculate keep time

Finish the World War I've been a star

The knock quiminitar(?), strange and restrain

Retired and rewired, melodically molecules

Strategy and logic enables our positions then points us missiles

All sided equal... deeper than pistols

For instance... unknown the science of forensics

Get your backpacked like ten sticks

Hit like ten sticks hit with the effect of tense ticks inglow(?) sticks

[Chorus 2x]

[Kurupt] Baby this is it


It's on tonight

We came in here to fuck it up with a shootout or fight..

Boop boop hap hap, nigga it's on tonight

We came in here to fuck it up with a shootout or fight


Nigga you want war? Yeah right, I'm mic sky like stiletto

Holocaust to high school, roscoe to Vasco

Impossible lives the hospitalized

franchise strip niggas is broke for ranches mansions avalanches

Alarms ring cause harm in court

like platinum and gold

I've sold a whole, explosions hit explode implode

Popped out bodies dropped off on Rider's road

I've seen and foreseen the unseen

and able hardly able to separate the myths from fables

I'ma buy a Baltic while you purchase fireplaces

Poisonous supply and occupy in space

The midnight I could hide the dark until the spark

Light up the night nothing everything in sight

I'ma cross the finish line with both legs broken

Flow coke broken both toke smokin' (wha?)

Daz dilly machine dean two shottie

The life of a party is a live scene

Gastra.. neo kung-fu niastra

Monsoons swarm en route like harpoons

Young black Sinatra analytical ANTRA

a million percent proof bound to found the youth

uncrude uncoil bubble and boil turmoil

Don't specialize and ill crack your bones

Now fuck with that (automatic cardiac attack)

Forced to front in your chest back, (?)no raptor arab(?)

Kuruption! Yeah that's me!

New word to the dome, cyclone stallone

stainless steel momomamamarron(?)

get done cloned and choke in stone

[Chorus: 2x]


Yeah and thats how we doin this shit

Daz Dilli, Fredwreck, Kurupt the Kingpin Young Gotti

Servin y'all suckers to one inch

Yeah fuck that oohhh!

Straight to the dome nigga phill smoke some sit back

For all the real thugs out there

Meditate penetrate on these suckers

Yeah nigga it's on tonight, fuck da world

fuck da world.. hap hap hap hap hap yeah!

[voice sings in background]

[old man's voice]

I said end of the world ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!

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