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Kristen Hall - Out In The Country lyrics

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never seen circle 'round and touch the ground twenty steps to greet me i
guess things are different here out in the country here you come a flash of
blue our eyes diverting neither knowing what to do it's disconcerting and
driving home you held my hand as you debriefed me thought i'd found my
promise land out in the country sleeping in the garden house candle-lit and
cozy sharing thoughts and gifts we bought all the world seemed rosey eager
i embraced your pleas as you catechized me we don't eat me we don't eat
cheese out in the country love was fresh like vegetables everything seemed
healthy life was rich and made me feel prosperous and wealthy bergamot and
arnica how the smell can send me lying there beside the fire out in the
country deep breathing, sun shining, moonlight caressing the ground caught
in a deep freeze and oh how it moved me take me from the city lights on a
shiny amtrak train riding up the riverside bring me home to you again brew
me up some twinings tea tell me that you love me hold me safe inside your
arms out in the country i don't know how it disappeared manifesting treason
fell apart like leaves from trees with the change of season and for the
heartache and the scars i have my memories of making love under the stars
out in the country. . .out in the country

(Emily Saliers/guitar
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: High Street Records


Released in: 1991

Language: English

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