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Kristen Hall - Bed We Made lyrics

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I think i know what you mean i just don't understand why it's not as
strange as it seems it's just a matter of time falling in love with me was
your mistake without a thought about the price you'd pay it's hard to see
this as real it's still a lot like a dream i'm spinning just like a wheel
just like a leaf in a stream bit off a little more than i could chew i
never meant to make a meal of you and if i seem afraid to sleep in the bed
we made it's just that i feel torn and the heart on my sleeve is worn down
sometimes i wish i could grow i know there's more that you need you say
with every bone you want me never to leave trying too hard could be my only
crime i said i'm sorry one too many times

(Cooper Tisdale/guitar, Don McCollister/bass, Simone Simonton/drums, Lisa
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