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Kris Kristofferson - Risky bizness lyrics

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Eight ounce gloves now it's title time
You can use your choosen tools and I'll choose mine
I'm afraid we've gone and laid it on the line it's a risky bizness
Oh in the garden time to go show them crazies who's the one who runs the show
While they gamble in your corner for your robe, it's a risky bizness.

And the best that you can do is buy some time till they can find somebody better
It don't matter what they call you
When you know you've been the best that you could be
Give 'em hell boy while you can make 'em fight to take the title you defend
Till they nail you with some double-cross again it's a risky bizness.
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Author: Stephen Bruton, Kris Kristofferson, Michael Utley

Composer: ?

Publisher: Monument


Released in: 2016

Language: English

Appearing on: Easter Island (1978)

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