Kris Kristofferson

Brenda Lee & Kris Kristofferson - Born to love me

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Not many'd say you're handsome cause they don't
realize That the best is often hidden from
another's eyes But in the quiet moments that's
when you stop to shine And every night I'm
thankful that you're mine mmm that you are mine
Cause you were born to love me in your gentle way
Born to love me each and every day Born to love me
born to hold me tight Born to love me every night
every night every night

I've learned it doesn't matter what other people
see It's what I feel for you and what you feel for
me You've made my life worth livin' because you
understand That love is made for givin' you're so
good oh yeah you're so good Cause you were born to
love me...
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Author: Bob Morrison

Composer: ?

Publisher: Legend (19), Delta (18), RCA Camden


Released in: 2016

Language: English

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