Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson - An Evening with Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson - An Evening with Kris Kristofferson

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Published by: Virgin

Published in: 2014

Release type: Full CD

  • Shipwrecked in the 80's <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:05)</span> (Submit)
  • Darby's Castle <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:09)</span> (Submit)
  • Me & Bobby Mcgee <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:14)</span> (Submit)
  • Here Comes That Rainbow <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:15)</span> (Submit)
  • Closer to the Bone <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:16)</span> (Submit)
  • Best of All Possible Worlds <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:40)</span> (Submit)
  • Help Me Make It Through the Night <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(1:58)</span> (Submit)
  • Casey's Last Ride <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:36)</span> (Submit)
  • Nobody Wins <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:18)</span> (Submit)
  • Feeling Mortal <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:29)</span> (Submit)
  • From Here to Forever <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:58)</span> (Submit)
  • The Circle <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:14)</span> (Submit)
  • Loving Her Was Easier <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:01)</span> (Submit)
  • Kiss the World Goodbye <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:09)</span> (Submit)
  • I'd Rather Be Sorry <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:10)</span> (Submit)
  • You Show Me Yours / Jesus Was a Capricorn <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:38)</span> (Submit)
  • Duvalier's Dream <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:43)</span> (Submit)
  • The Heart <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:35)</span> (Submit)
  • Come Sundown <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:43)</span> (Submit)
  • Billy Dee <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:58)</span> (Submit)
  • The Promise <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:33)</span> (Submit)
  • Sabre and the Rose <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:09)</span> (Submit)
  • Jody and the Kid <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:50)</span> (Submit)
  • Broken Freedom Song <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:11)</span> (Submit)
  • Sky King <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(1:52)</span> (Submit)
  • They Killed Him <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:29)</span> (Submit)
  • The Pilgrim Ch 33 <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:45)</span> (Submit)
  • Sunday Morning Coming Down <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:11)</span> (Submit)
  • Silver Tounged Devil <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:10)</span> (Submit)
  • For the Good Times <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:46)</span> (Submit)
  • To Beat the Devil <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:32)</span> (Submit)
  • Please Don't Tell Me <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:12)</span> (Submit)
  • A Moment of Forever <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:05)</span> (Submit)
  • Why Me <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:31)</span> (Submit)
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