Kitty Wells

Kitty Wells - Searching For A Soldier's Grave

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Somewhere here among these many thousands
 Of Americans who all died true and brave
 That's where I know I'll find him resting
 So I'm here, I'm searching for his grave

 You ask me, stranger, why I made this journey
 Why cross three thousand miles of rolling waves
 Like many others, my darling was killed in action
 That's why I'm here, I'm searching for his grave

 (Repeat Chorus)

 When I come to the spot where he's sleeping
 I know it will cause more heartaches inside
 But I'll long to be by his side once more and tell him
 Tell him that I love him, and will until I die

 (Repeat Chorus)
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Author: Roy Acuff

Composer: ?

Publisher: Hux Records


Released in: 1956

Language: English

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