Kitty Wells

Kitty Wells - Mommy For A Day

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And how I dread the words I know she'll say
 She'll ask me when I'm coming home, I'll answer pretty soon
 But I know I'm just her mommy for a day

 She's much too young to realize why mommy can't come home
 And that her daddy wanted things this way
 We kiss goodbye and my heart breaks, to walk away alone
 To have to be a mommy for a day

 I love her dad with all my heart, they lied and ruined our home
 Oh! why did he believe the things they'd say
 I pray in time he'll change his mind and take me back once more
 Then I'll not be a mommy for a day

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Author: Buck Owens, Harlan Howard, Owens/Howard

Composer: ?

Publisher: King Records (3)


Released in: 1963

Language: English

Appearing on: 20th Century Masters (2002)

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