Kitty Wells

Kitty Wells - I Dreamed I Searched Heaven For You

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That city where never comes night
 And I saw the bright angels in glory
 I saw the fair mansions of light

 I gazed for long, long years of rapture
 On the face of my Savior so true
 And I sang with the seraphim holy
 Then I dreamed I searched heaven for you

 I dreamed I searched heaven for you
 Searched vainly thru heaven for you
 Oh, won't you prepare, to meet me up there
 Lest we should search heaven for you

 I looked on both sides of the river
 That flows thru the City of God
 I searched thru bright mansions celestial
 And streets of gold pavement I trod

 The faces of saints by the million
 I scanned in my yearning to see
 That face I had cherished so fondly
 The face that had grown dear to me

 (Repeat chorus
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Big3


Released in: 1993

Language: English

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