Kitty Wells

Kitty Wells - He Will Set Your Fields On Fire

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To those now gone astray
 Saying, come ye men and your load of sin
 There at the altar lay
 You don't seem to heed at the chain of greed
 Your conscience never tires
 Be assured my friend, if you still offend
 He will set your fields on fire

 If you don't from sin retire
 He will set your fields on fire
 You have heard Jesus call
 And in death your soul must fall
 Now my friends if you desire
 You may join the heavenly choir
 And rejoice with Him free from ev'ry sin
 When He sets this world on fire

 You have heard His voice, seen the souls rejoice
 That trusted in His grace
 You have blushed with sin, and He knocked within
 But still you hide your face
 From the blessed Lord in His own true word
 But still you say retire
 Flee the downward path, kindle not his wrath
 Or He'll set your fields on fire

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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Bear Family Records


Released in: 1993

Language: English

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