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I just can't pretend no more, I keep runnin' out of lies
Lovin' you is killin' me inside
Everytime I find the words to end it, something in your eyes won't let it

Shandi, tonight must last us forever, forever we say goodnight and go home
But you know me very well, and I know you, you can't tell me goodnight
(say goodnight)

We been holding on so tight, we're afraid to let it go
Shake it loose, we both could use the ride
Here's another mess I got myself in, and when you touch me you ain't helpin'

chorus - say goodnight when we should say goodbye (say goodbye)

(Shandi, Shandi) Tonight must last us forever and ever
Forever we say goodnight and go home
Shandi, Shandi, tonight must last us forever
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Author: Paul Stanley, Vini Poncia

Composer: ?

Publisher: Island Def Jam Music Group


Released in: 2014

Language: English

Appearing on: 40 Years - Decades Of Decibels (2014) , 40 (Decades Of Decibels) (2014) , Kissworld (The Best Of KISS) (2019) , Killers (1982) , Symphony (2003) , The Best of KISS 40 (2015)

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