K-drama - Teeter Totter lyrics

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[Verse 1:]
The Lord touched my lips and put His words in my mouth
And like lukewarm saints, these words I'm gonna spit em out
I have no worries because they call my Lord Jehovah Jireh
And in case you don't know that means He's my provider
Anything according His will He'll equip me with
Money, cars, beats, rhymes, all for his benefit
I hide his words in my heart so that I'll remember it
So if I get famous then my will I'll surrender it
My aim is not to flame the fame
I frame the flame and daily maintain the name
That reigns over every name, so I refrain the gain
Of selfish pleasures, He came for pain
Died on the cross so that I'll never be the same
Once I confess my sins and become born again
Most Christians don't last that long, but I believe in His word
That's why my stability is strong

They go back and forth [x4]
They go up and down [x4]
Like Teeter Totters [x8]

[Verse 2:]
Yo! It's only in His word that I'm stable
Most Christians are unstable like 3 legged tables
I must admit, discipline isn't easy
I know I make it look simple but you gots to believe me
Ya boy catches the bus to shows, waiting in the cold
Feeling like an eskimo
Holy pockets but I ain't heading to the check and go
Stressed out my folk, and I be the 1st to let you know
But I trust in the potter who molds me, there's no mistaking
But sometimes I feel like Habukkak
The wicked compasses the righteous is how that looks
They seem not to reap what they sow and
It seems like you won't pay what you owe but
I trust in you regardless of how things look
Cause I believe in every word in that Holy Book

They go back and forth [x4]
They go up and down [x4]
Like Teeter Totters [x8]

[Verse 3:]
The flesh is never satisfied, in His Word I'm stable
The Word has power, in Him I'm enabled
To mortify sin and subjucate any desire
Esteeming itself higher than my Lord's empire
The work God gave me doesn't ensure my stability
The fear of the Lord does, I dwell in His facility
Without obedience, I couldn't not facilitate ministry
And I would be worse than carnal rappers in the industry
Many don't seek His kingdom 1st
And that's why many in the kingdom thrist
Cause the effects of sin are only temporary
I've tried it before and found out sin ain't meant to carry
Me through hard times, I cast my cares on Jesus
We have a partnership, God really needs
But we gotta put him 1st and not our rap ministries
If we put Him 1st then we'll become everything we're meant to be

They go back and forth [x4]
They go up and down [x4]
Like Teeter Totters [x8]

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