K-drama - Let Freedom Bang lyrics

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[Chorus: x2]
Hold up, how you think you gone stop the movement?
You ain't that important baby, I'm a keep moving

[Verse 1:]
These lames ain't got nothing on me homie
Obey lowly is my roleplay
Whoday, who they think gon control me
God is the one that I serve only
Do you know me homie? Your discouragement will not fold me
You owe me an apology honestly nominee
You're nominated for the hater of the year
I'm just trying to cater to your ear
You're the ungodly debator of the spear of
Vigorous ignorance your interest is venomous
Dude don't get mad at the content from my tracklist
I speak truth while you act more feminine than an actress
I'm a blacksmith pursuing bar making for those who lie on deaths mattress
Offering the matchless
One who sent me, forget ya Bentley, life is empty
Without the teachings of my Sensai
Don't listen to what Sin Say
The Streets is my pews and the block is my pulpit
Live from the hood, hope these words influence
As I preach on my soapbox, to those that tote glocks
I know the block's hot, but with God, chops drop, eyes pop, now they needing Botox!

[Chorus: x4]
Hold up, how you think you gone stop the movement?
You ain't that important baby, I'm a keep moving?

[Verse 2:]
I don't write bars for tight cars, I'm bizarre with bright stars
To unite the Piper, with a light to my path, ignite char-
Coal. Set it ablaze and march through the fire
We come through ya scene and if you can't see what I mean, we'll burn it brighter
God is into revival, pull Israelites out the cycle
Pull off the blindfold, go and make disciples
We're leaving 99 for the 1, spit shiny rhymes for the Son
Puns come undone when we run for the sum, dumb ones exhibit humdrums
I don't rap for money but I'll take it though
But if the money never comes, disappointment won't break my soul
Because my original intent isn't meant
For my financial gain, the game's grain I go against
They say Christian Rap isn't very popular
And Maybe (maybe) I should switch it (switch it) up to be sought by stars
Double minded men are unstable in all of their ways
I study my word to show I am approved unto God so I'm obeying all that he say

[Chorus: x4]

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