Juvenile - G-Code lyrics

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Lil Wayne: 

I ain't terrified from nuthin' 

I'm young wild crazy and disgustin' 

Better watch me cuz I'm coming 

With a oven by my stomach 

I'm scramblin' for the money 

Tape ya up like a mummy 

Call ya people and tell 'em 

I need 50 for this dummy 

I'm runnin' hidin' and duckin' 

Stuntin' ridin' and thuggin 

Dumpin' fire and bustin' 

Lovin, lyin' and lustin' 

Stealin' killin' and rapin 

Runnin' climbin and chasin 

Strugglin hustin' to make 

Get it got it I take it 

Watch ya Chevy mister 

Move ya purse miss 

Cuz I tote heavy pistols 

And man they burst quick 

It's too late to hesitate 

I was told there'd be better days 

But shit that was yesterday 

And still I haven't ate 

But dog that's how ya labor when ya bein' a thug 

These niggas don't seem to feel me till they seein' they blood 

Can't hide it though 

I represent the 17th Carrollton Hollygrove 

That's my G-code 

Chorus (Lil Wayne): 

Now put ya box in the mud 

Get ya glocks in ya gloves 

Ride drops on dubs 

We gon' live by that 

Make the snitches catch a cut 

Soldier pistol nigga what 

Hit the block and open up 

We gon' die by that 



We raised up lookin' at trees and brick walls 

Foreign properties and pack some menthals 

Got us a fire connect and went off 

Got jammed with this broad that rent cars 

Wasn't tryin' to change the game, just be in it 

Didn't give a fuck if we balled for 3 minutes 

Snatch all the hoes and 'bauds and ree' tennis 

Niggas can't survive the shit that we been in 

Jack niggas to get some cheap linen 

The ones that refuse we put 'em to sleep in it 

Got up in the mornin' for class and play hookie 

Some of us is veteran some of 'em stay rookie 

Bitch couldn't talk to us if she wasn't fuckin' 

Ya either be bout it or look and keep truckin 

Police drew causes and tried to cross lines 

We stuck to the code we lived and died by it 



If war ever came we held the fort down 

Back, slowed up, we switched and sold pound 

Stayed on point to make some more green 

Get our stash away from dope fiends 

Nigga had a habit he supplied his own 

Always stay hot cuz we ride with chrome 

We kept a little work for the ki's and bones 

Crowds draw heat so we be's alone 

We learned how to keep our mouth closed and watch 

Them other motherfuckers fall off the block 

24/7 all around the clock 

We hustlin of course in the gamblin spot 

We had a chance to stop, we still wasn't ready 

Shit kept comin' so we made more fetti 

Police drew causes and tried to cross lines 

We stuck to the code we lived and died by it 

Chorus x 2
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